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As October is pregnancy and infant and loss awareness month here in the US, I thought it would be a good time to write and reach out to you all. I see so many people visiting this site from all over the world and I want to say hello and welcome to each and every one of you! We all are begrudging members of this club that knows no language or borders and that which society is not eager to recognize. In that vein, we must stick together and support each other even through the darkest of times. One of the topics I want to discuss with you today is rituals, the rituals you perform to honor your babies. Be it cultural, religious or personal…I want to hear from you all! It is such an important part of healing grief, to acknowledge and honor your loss. I don’t feel that today’s society does an adequate job of acknowledging loss in general, let alone the loss of a pregnancy or stillbirth.

We as a society have become so hyper-focused on Instagram perfect lives that the last thing the public wants to address it the ickyness of your loss. They will throw out empty thoughts, prayers and emojis but does that rally do anything to help you heal? To soothe a wound so large and so deep that it can be all-consuming? I want your comments or emails if you don’t feel comfortable putting it out there in public, I get it. I want to hear your thoughts and ideas, what has helped you in your journey through grief? Conversely, what are the things that people have said or done that was not OK? What do you wish would be done or offered in an effort to help heal your soul, your pain? The only way we can move forward is to open up a dialogue and destigmatize this subject. There are millions of women all over the world who have suffered through their loss in silence. We don’t need to allow that to continue, as the mothers of the lost it is our duty. 

My new contact is I look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories!


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