Getting Over It

Loss etiquette… someone needs to teach a course or offer a TED talk on the subject because most people are clueless. How many times have you heard the phrases: “You were only six weeks” or “you have other children, you should be grateful” or my favorite “You just need to get over it and move on”? Logically I know that most people are well meaning and intend their statements to be some kind of weird stab at encouragement.

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Going Under

Safety and security, we all crave these intangible things. We claw for them in their absence and cling to them when they’re in our grasp. At times though, we take them for granted and they slip through our fingers while our horrified mind screams in silence. This is what it’s like to go from the elation of feeling a life grow inside you, to the horror of that dream dying before you have even had the chance to protest. It’s happened to me…

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